Certified Wired for Reading Specialists


A Certified Wired for Reading Specialist (CWRS) is a dedicated and skilled reading therapist that has been extensively trained in the Wired for Reading curriculum with a minimum of 80 hours of coursework and has completed a rigorous mentoring process with a minimum of 60 hours. Often educated in multiple approaches and techniques, these educators stay current with the latest research-based approaches that meet the standards of the National Reading Panel. By working closely with their students and families as a team, they will help each child change the way they process print in order to become a better reader and speller.

Each CWRS continually demonstrates:
  • Good rapport with students and families
  • Professionalism
  • Flexible thinking and initiative
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Clear and direct communication skills
  • Open to a “yes, and” approach to intervention


When looking for a tutor to implement Wired for Reading, ask about certification. Why does certification matter? Anyone who takes the Wired for Reading courses is welcome to incorporate the strategies and methods into their teaching practices. However, Certified Wired for Reading Specialists have completed a rigorous certification program aligned with standards set by our accrediting agency. They have invested their time and energy into becoming masters of the program in its entirety.

In order to become a Certified Wired for Reading Specialist, candidates must:
  • Complete all five Wired for Reading courses, a minimum of 80 contact hours.
  • Pass the written exam for each course.
  • Arrange a supervised mentorship with a Certified Specialist.
  • Observe and participate in the primary tutoring sessions under the supervision of the Specialist.
  • Practice and apply the materials with the student at a weekly one-on-one session.
  • Complete the Practicum (minimum of 60 contact hours) and receive positive feedback from both the parent and the mentor.
  • Pass a rigorous final written exam.


The Levels indicate the length of time the individual has been certified in Wired for Reading.   Many tutors that go through our program have many prior years of experience in the teaching and tutoring profession.


A Specialist who is within the first two years of certification.


A Specialist who has been certified for more than 2 years and has received exemplary parent feedback.


A Specialist who has been certified for 3+ years, received exemplary parent feedback, and completed a minimum of 20 hours of pre-approved professional development within the last two years.


A Specialist who has met all the requirements for Level 3, plus the Specialist has mentored another person through the certification process.


A Specialist who has met all the requirements for Level 4, plus the Specialist has assisted Wired for Reading class instructors on a regular basis, has been qualified as a Wired for Reading ambassador to help teachers implement Wired for Reading in classrooms, or is a master mentor for those going through the certification process.


A Specialist who has met all the requirements for Level 5 plus the Specialist is a qualified  Wired for Reading or Word-Wires instructor

In order to maintain certification and progress through the levels, Certified Wired For Reading Specialists :
  • Strive to receive exemplary anonymous client reviews on an annual basis.
  • Attend professional development training in reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, attention and other relevant content, completing 30 hours every three years.
  • Retake the Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses every five years to refresh and update their knowledge.
  • Lead small groups in the Wired For Reading intensive workshops.
  • Mentor Wired for Reading certification candidates through the Practicum phase of certification.
  • Serve as ambassadors to schools implementing Wired For Reading and Word-Wires.
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