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The fun, drama, music, and stories continue at the Wired for Reading Intermediate course!

Building from the Introductory Course’s focus on a strong foundation of phonological awareness and decoding and spelling of single syllable words, the Intermediate Course focuses on multi-syllable word analysis. First, there is a thorough review of Introductory concepts and an opportunity to celebrate and problem solve implementation of introductory methods and procedures.  Next, we review the  Sound and Meaning strategies for breaking apart words covered in the Introductory Course.   Then participants learn a powerful letter focused strategy to break longer words apart, learn strategies to negotiate the choices of common multi-syllable spelling patterns, and do a deep exploration into the meanings of the most common Anglo Saxon Word parts, including learning the Adapted American for the meanings of the most common prefixes and suffixes.

Optional: One credit through Seattle University Professional Development program EPDLA 900 for $59 per credit or 10 Washington State clock hours at $3 per clock hour. Clock hours earned may apply towards Washington State teacher certification and for advancement on the salary scale.

The Intermediate Course is organized and presented in two parts:


  • Exploration and discussion of the implementation of the Introductory Course material
  • Celebrating implementation successes and problem solving implementation challenges
  • Reviewing teacher-requested concepts from the Introductory Course


  • Learn the meaning and spelling of the most common Anglo Saxon based prefixes and suffixes using Adapted American sign to aid transfer and provide cues when learning
  • Learn how Anglo Saxon based prefixes, roots and suffixes combine to form multi-syllable words
  • Use knowledge of syllable types to “yank” words into chunks, making it easier to understand and remember when to double a consonant or drop a silent e, etc.
  • Review and deepen understanding of how to strip off prefixes and suffixes to reveal the root or base word and break words into more manageable chunks for reading, spelling, and vocabulary acquisition.
  • Create a suffix key to track the meaning and spelling of the most common Anglo Saxon based suffixes.
  • Enjoy memory-friendly and entertaining phonics stories that use music, drama, and humor to clarify spelling patterns such as –es vs. –s, y to i, -ed or t/d, -le vs. –el.
  • Learn how to look for meaning and word origin clues to make spelling choices and clarify common multi-syllable spelling confusions


Participants MUST have fully completed the Wired for Reading Introductory Course as a prerequisite to taking this workshop.

Author and Instructor: Laura Rogan, M.A., M.Ed.

The material covered in the Intermediate Workshop builds from concepts covered in the Introductory course.

You must first take the Introductory Course before taking the Intermediate workshop.

Optional: Through Seattle University: 1 credit at $59.00 per credit or 10 Washington State clock hours at $3.00 per clock hour.

November 8-9, 2024


DAY 1 ONLINE & DAY 2 IN PERSON at Hamlin Robinson School


  • Dates:   November 8-9, 2024
  • Format:  3 hours of asynchronous learning to be completed before the first day of class accessed via the online book.  7  hours of live online and in person instruction.
  • Hours: Friday 3:45pm-6:15pm and Saturday 8:45am-2:30pm via Zoom and in person.
  • Deposit: $150 Reserves place (Non-refundable after tuition deadline.)
  • Tuition: $375
  • Materials:
    Attendees will need the Wired for Reading Teacher’s Manual Parts One and Two from the Introductory Course.  Email if you need to order a copy.

The Course Packet and Activity Sheet will be sent via email.

  • Tuition Payment and Registration Deadline: October 25, 2024
  • Late Fee: $35 will be assessed after the tuition deadline.
  • Alum: $75  (Those that have completed this level course in the past are considered alums.)
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