Educators, specialists and parents weigh in on the value
of the Wired For Reading program.


  • I have used Wired for Reading in my second grade classroom and as a small group reading teacher. It is the program I always come back to. It just works! I love that it is linguistics for kids. The students always feel so smart when they learn complicated English language patterns that many times still puzzle their parents and older siblings. I believe the two most valuable parts of the program are: Mouth cards: For helping students learn phonemic awareness. There is nothing like the mouth cards! The kids just see it and get it. It is natural for those early readers. I love that often the struggling “word” readers are the strong “mouth card” readers. I get excited with them, as their pride grows. Phonics Stories: The Phonics stories are wonderful, because they seem to take no effort for most students to remember. The phonics stories show the connections within spelling rules and help kids remember very complicated spelling patterns. Another benefit is that they provide many cues for me to use with my students. When a student is having trouble spelling a word, I can give him or her a quick hint to the story, and the student knows instantly the story and then the rule for that spelling pattern. Wired for Reading has helped me to understand linguistics better myself. It has made me a stronger speller and reader, which has made me a better teacher.

    BECKY DEBRA Literacy Coach, West Hills Christian School
  • Stories, characters, letters, oh my! I took all three of Laura Rogan’s basic to advanced courses in the summer and fall of 2010 and was truly inspired. As a new reading instructor and someone to whom reading came easily, I felt lost when helping students with anything greater than superficial comprehension issues. Laura’s courses gave me the grounding and background I needed to help the students who need it the most. As she does with her clients, she approached the subject from many angles and tapped into every learning style. I left the course more confident and with the belief that all students can be helped, no matter how they struggle. She is a great reminder to all educators that instruction can and should be fun and creative. I recommend these courses to any teacher or parent who has had a child struggle through a paragraph, claim they hate reading, and run out of the room, or to anyone who wants to know why they should take that Crazy R out of their babysitting rolodex!

    LEAH KAMINSKY Tutor, Editor, Writer
  • This is my 20th year teaching and I feel like I have a renewed passion for teaching reading. The information and research you share is incredibibly valueable and provides instruction for all styles of learner. I will continue to promote Wired for Reading (and Laura Rogan) with my colleagues! Again, thank you!

  • I learned more in Laura’s fourteen hour Advanced Wired For Reading course than I did in a quarter long graduate course on teaching vocabulary!

  • Once again, I have been dazzled by Laura Rogan. I have taken over ten classes from her and I’ll keep going back. Five years ago, I was frustrated with the services available to my students who had reading difficulties and I stumbled upon Laura’s classes. Besides her expansive knowledge about dyslexia and reading instruction she is creative, energetic, and inspiring. She converted her knowledge gained with university reading researchers into a curriculum that teachers can understand, but more importantly, her program, Wired for Reading, is the key that unlocks the world of reading for everyone. Laura uses stories, music, visuals, and movement to engage students while they gain the skills necessary to be competent readers. She has taken complex phonics rules and turned them into engaging lessons for all ages- kindergartener to adult.

    LISA VAN ENKEVORT 5th grade teacher
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing so much life, awareness, and new found ability into my teaching! You are a true professor of linguistics and your energetic teaching style not only captivates your students, professional educators, and parents, but also transfers to their students. You touch so many lives with your gift.

    WENDY SHIBUYA Para Educator, Meridian Elementary
  • Laura Rogan is an amazing advocate for children. I was humbled by her knowledge, energy and attitude. A colleague of mine ignited in me the love of teaching and gave me tools to reach out and make a difference; then Laura took me and blew me into the next stratosphere! The children I work with are so lucky Laura came into our lives. Laura makes a difference in so many children’s lives. Thank you!

    SHERINE TULLY Support Teacher
  • I immediately put to use “syllable dancing”, “quick words” and the “flowers” tools to use in a variety of ways with my ELL student! The program also offers the opportunity to identify which sounds an ELL student might have trouble pronouncing, sounds which don’t even exist in their home country. I can see that students, particularly from Vietnam would excel with this program. Thank you Laura for allowing me to attend one of your workshops!...I’m still pouring over the workbook for ideas I can implement in the structure of the program we’ve been given to work with.

  • As a young educator I am so grateful I took the Wired For Reading course. Laura’s program provides a strong framework for instruction while allowing me the creativity to adjust towards individual student needs and my own teaching style. I used Laura’s techniques when teaching beginning English Language Learners with language processing challenges overseas. Her direct, yet engaging and multi-sensory approach to language instruction is just what the doctor ordered. Laura’s program and love for language has now touched students across the world. Thank you!

    ANDREA YEE ELL teacher
  • I highly recommend Wired for Reading’s Advanced Course for anyone teaching students at a mid-third grade level or above. I’ve been looking for a better way to teach the Latin and Greek levels of our language and am so excited by the method and content of Wired for Reading. Laura Rogan’s approach is fun and engaging and is going to help my students learn not only how to decode words from the Latin and Greek level, but is also going to unlock the meanings of words.

    KERRI MCCARTHY Reading Specialist
  • Laura Rogan is an inspiring teacher who shares her knowledge with great enthusiasm.

    ANITA NASON Private tutor and former president and board member of the Washington State branch of the International Dyslexia Association
  • I share the Wired for Reading web site and training with others. I have said to many people over the years that I believe Laura is personally and significantly changing the nature of reading instruction in the Puget Sound Area for the better. Laura will never know all the teachers and students she has helped move forward in this area. I know her work will continue to have a rippling effect for years and years to come. I personally will be forever grateful for all I have learned from her, not just content wise, but all I learned in how to teach. Laura is a gifted teacher of teachers.

    CINDY LEHMAN Reading Therapist, Director of Lehman Learning Solutions
  • In a short amount of time, Wired for Reading has fundamentally changed my teaching practice. I am no longer mystified by the variations in student success in reading and writing. WFR has given me the tools I need to help even my most struggling readers that used to leave me puzzled. Now I can teach these readers directly in the the classroom instead of relying on specialists and outside interventions. I used to feel like a reading teacher imposter. Now I at least have the chance of being the real thing.

    ERIKA JOHNSON First grade teacher
  • I have been a teacher for close to 30 years and a special education teacher for half of that time. I am also dyslexic myself so I know how difficult it is to learn when your brain is wired differently. I found this program, while difficult to absorb in a week, to be the best comprehensive training of its kind I have attended. Not only does it target reading difficulties but also writing issues. I loved the multi sensory aspects incorporating music, color, pictures and body movements in a clever way. It will take me months to digest the program for my middle school special education students. I am energized and looking forward to the intermediate class. If you have to take a training during the summer, this should be the one.

    JAN MAXSON Middle school teacher
  • Before I start, I feel it important to let you know that Wired for Reading changed my son’s life! I’m sure you have heard many stories and testimonials but ours brings tears to people’s eyes and we owe it all to our tutor and Wired for Reading. I have been in education for over 17 years and never encountered a program that delivers such amazing results. From the bottom of my heart, as a parent and educator, thank you!!

    Mother Educator and parent
  • I highly recommend taking the Foundation Intensive Course. It was really beneficial to work in small groups led by experienced and supportive Wired for Reading Specialists. There were many opportunities to observe and review the content, learn new games, and participate in role play activities. I feel much more confident and knowledgeable after taking this course and look forward to taking the Phonics Intensive Course in the near future.

    Jennifer Typpi Teacher
  • I have a master's degree in Literacy for Special Needs through Seattle University, I've taught k-2 for 15 years, 6th for two years, been through a minimum of 200 hours of clock hours through my district and I have NEVER learned so much about the English language as what I have done in the introductory and the advanced classes. My district curriculum for 6th grade is Greek/Latin roots. Starting in April, I began teaching the WFR way instead of the way of the curriculum I was previously using (though it was still the same content). All of a sudden I had students begging for word study! 23 out of 24 students had their spelling percentage go up and kids were finding roots in the books they were reading! Now, I am so excited to take the intermediate! Thank you for everything!

    Alisha Deleon
  • Having been previously trained in OG-Slingerland, I felt like I was missing "the mouthy piece." The Wired For Reading Introductory course was super helpful to me. Thank you!

    Marla Chandler Teacher / Tutor
  • We really learned by playing, chanting, singing, acting, discussing, applying, using humor, storytelling, color coding, talking about the history of English and sharing. Also, thank you for bringing in lots of people to make this learning experience enriched by a community of experts. I loved this course.

    Jamie Davidson Teacher
  • Everything was amazing! I can’t wait to use it all! I loved the phonics stories to help students (and adults) retain the learning. I love the use of drama! Thank you!

    Caroline Kelley Teacher
  • I love that I was put in the position of a struggling/new reader and learned how to read from a completely new angle. I can’t wait to put what I learned in the class into practice in the Fall. Please get this program into teaching programs! Thank you! This was the best, most effective class I have taken.

    Tri-Cities Area Teacher
  • I love Wired for Reading! It can be used for Tier 1, 2, and 3 kiddos. It helps make reading fun, understandable, and memorable! It also demystifies so many confusions in the English Language.

    Jeannie R.
  • This stuff is like to candy to my students and me! They have all really come a long way learning Advanced concepts in such an accessible way. Thank you!

    Theresa Burton Teacher
  • The multi-modal learning and learning spiral along with the stories made the content “sticky” and were creative and so helpful. I also loved all the partner practice time built in to the class. Honestly, I was blown away by Laura's and Catherine’s knowledge, skill and gift for presenting and your humor (Laura reminds me a bit of Kristin Wigg). Thank you! I so appreciate the incredibly hard work time, research, sharing of your experiences, and the positivity you brought to this week of learning.

    Lauren Krevet Teacher
  • This is a pathway into the deepest layers and history of how our neural and biological frameworks make and make language, and this map is sharp, vivid, and FUN! I found the linguistic foundation, the mouthiness, to be magical to me. I cannot believe I didn’t know all this and I want so much more. Thank you for what you are doing, for the passion and fun. I see that you are not attempting, at any point, to bombard an audience with fancy or dogmatic teaching.

    Nick Anton Teacher
  • I love the stories and all the acting. Acting it out helped me so much and made me see how to teach it in the classroom. And it was so much fun! Laura and Catherine work so well together! Your energy level and humor made the class!

    Morwenna Probert-Baker Teacher
  • Laura is entertaining and super knowledgable. (I feel like I was at a stand up comedy show all week.) I also feel like I learned English all over again. I wish it had not ended. Thank you for helping shape my brain. I can’t wait to start implementing all I learned this week in my classroom.

    Ali Parizer Teacher
  • Being forced to think of 'silly' words and spell them put me in the shoes of so many students! Learning about sounds and where they are made in my mouth and making the vowel key has given me a whole new language to use with students and parents. This was the very first professional development I’ve participated in, including grad school, that taught me HOW to teach phonics and spelling. It was also the first training that didn't shame teachers for doing things 'wrong' or not doing enough. Such a relief. Thank you.

    Diane Wright Teacher
  • The course struck a balance between providing research/background information and practical tools/strategies that I don’t often find in Professional Development. I am inspired to keep learning linguistics myself and so excited to use these strategies with my students!

    Emma Cornwell Teacher
  • The most important part of the class is the idea that Wired For Reading helps give ALL students equitable tools to be successful in reading. Honestly, I thought this class was fantastic! Keep doing what you are doing!

    Maria Morris Teacher


  • Laura is amazing. Laura is truly an expert on the subject of reading and her passion is infectious! I feel like I have found a gold mine in knowing her. Laura has blessed my life and I am grateful. Here is to the future!

    Becky McRoberts Literacy Coach, West Hills Christian School
  • Does Laura’s program work? A resounding yes, not only my observations but Jacob passed his fourth grade MSP in all subjects: reading, writing and math. This was after he completed approximately 70% of the Wired for Reading program. Being a retired teacher, it is my observation students who are falling behind can rarely be helped unless teachers are trained in early intervention and have the knowledge and expertise to help struggling students succeed. Laura Rogan’s Wired for Reading program trains teachers in early intervention and the skills needed to ensure students have the opportunity to successfully perform at grade level.

  • We are so thankful we found Laura! It felt as if we’d been wandering in the wilderness for years trying to help Conner with his reading challenges. We’d tried a variety of well-intentioned tutors and teachers but no one seemed to be able to get to the root of it. Finally we met Laura when Conner was in 5th grade, and things turned around. In Laura, we found someone who “got it”; who understood how Conner processed written words, and who knew how to help make him make connections that had been missing. Wired for Reading is a great name for Laura’s program, because it kind of feels like that’s what she does – through her work, she rewires connections and pathways in the brain that are not being utilized to their fullest extent. It really worked for Conner. She is enthusiastic, caring, truly dedicated to helping kids with dyslexia, and she really knows her stuff. We will always be grateful.

  • I am so inspired after taking the Wired For Reading course taught by Laura Rogan! Laura is a truly gifted trainer and educator. She makes learning easy and fun. I am using the information from the course to coach my kindergarten son as he learns to read and spell. It is such a relief to know how to do this effectively. The information is so foundational and important that I’ve been compelled to share it with my son’s entire Kindergarten class. The kids absolutely love it! I highly recommend both Laura and her wonderful Wired For Reading program.

    BRIDGET BAKKEN Parent, Parent Volunteer
  • The search for a solution for our daughter with dyslexia led us to Laura. Being dyslexic myself, I questioned if I would benefit from the class. After an hour, I was hooked. Laura’s understanding of a dyslexic mind allows her to move between the roles of entertaining presenter to tireless advocate with ease. As a dyslexic and the parent of a dyslexic child I found Laura’s class to be a revelation.

  • Laura is amazing. Laura is truly an expert on the subject of reading and her passion is infectious! I feel like I have found a gold mine in knowing her. Laura has blessed my life and I am grateful. Here is to the future!

  • My daughter Rowen was in second grade when she started working with Laura Rogan. Laura created a personal partnership with Rowen. Rowen never felt alone in her struggle to learn. Laura acted as Rowen’s advocate supporting both of us. We worked with Laura for a little more than a year. Rowen is now in fifth grade. She entered it reading at the sixth grade level. Thank you, Laura!

  • I am forever grateful to Laura Rogan and her teaching. Laura’s keen teaching skills and fun and encouraging personality have enabled me to make repetition fun and engaging, too. Currently, [my daughter] Brooke is working on the Advanced level material, in the Latin section. By learning the American Sign for the meaning of prefixes and roots, she is able to see and understand these patterns in longer words, instead of guessing at them. She also loves it. Brooke explained to me, ‘Mom, working with my hands wakes my brain up.’

  • After discovering Helena was dyslexic in first grade, we tried many things to help her. First, she had pull-out help in our public school with daily support in learning the alphabet and phonics which did not help at all. Then we moved her to a private school that specialized in dyslexia and other learning disabilities using ‘Multi-Sensory Learning’ and she made progress but still could only read three-letter words, and these unreliably. Finally, toward the end of fourth grade, we discovered Laura and Helena was saved! I was thrilled when she hugged me and said, ‘Mommy, thank you for teaching me to read.’ By mid-January of her fifth grade year, she had reached grade level in reading and graduated from needing Laura. Today, Helena realizes she needs to work harder than some other students because reading does not come as easily, but she has progressed to be a bright, happy ninth grader taking French, Science, English, Math, and Choir and was so proud to be invited into Honor Society after her first semester in High School. The gift Laura gave our family and our special child is invaluable. I am not exaggerating when I say how much I appreciate it. What a fine teacher Laura Rogan is. She has transformed our lives.

  • My daughter Kelsie and I started with Laura Rogan when Kelsie was almost six. We were one of the lucky ones with an early diagnosis of dyslexia. Kelsie, Laura, and I worked together for just over a year. Kelsie is now in third grade and reads above her grade level! This is an amazing accomplishment but not without a lot of hard work. It is a commitment but it works. Kelsie now reads for pleasure. What greater gift could there be for the child or parent?

    HOLLY MOREHEAD Mom and teacher
  • After my son was diagnosed with severe dyslexia I went on an information seeking rampage the likes of which mother bears are made of. Luckily for me, I found Laura Rogan who had already sifted through the best researched methods and put her findings and her own special brand of razzle-dazzle all in one place: Wired for Reading. Taking her Introductory Class for the second time was like seeing one of my favorite movies again with a fresh audience and I couldn’t wait for them to experience the perfect blend of information, entertainment and inspiration. The fact that my 11-year-old son, who excels in mathematics but didn’t hardly “make the chart” in phonemic awareness and previously felt hopeless about reading had the courage to serve as a model student during the training, brought my husband to tears. “He looks like he does when he’s doing math,” was all he could say. We have much more work to do, but the hardest part is over. My son sees that language is filled with history and meaning and reliable patterns as well as ones we have to forgive. Be prepared to learn and laugh, sing and dance, and if you are like me forgive yourself for not finding this sooner because as Laura will tell you, it is never too late. I can’t take a class from Pat Lindamood, Nanci Bell, Samuel Orton or Anna Gillingham themselves, but I can and will take more classes from Laura Rogan. Ask her anything and see her before she really hits the big time.

    CARLA POWELL Mother, Teacher
  • As a parent, I learned more about my child’s challenges. The how and why she sees/reads text in a different manner than others. I feel empowered to help her be successful at bringing up her skills. We have tried Speech therapy, Sylvan Learning Center, Eye therapy, Special reading groups at school, and online phonics courses. I have never felt so optimistic about our child’s future in reading and in turn a successful education. Thank you to both Laura and Catherine. You are great teachers!

    Bill Owen Parent
  • The lights are turning on daily in my home classroom with my two sons, ages 6 and 8. I grow more and more passionate about teaching our language as I dive deeper and deeper into the Wired for Reading program. Years ago I took Laura’s Wired for Reading class two different times as a public classroom teacher. I was astounded and delighted with how much I learned in how to teach my first and second graders at the time. I now have the pleasure of teaching my own children this program at home. The stories that go along with each new learning concept is what really draws my boys in. The lessons that are being taught are certainly building life long brain pathways to truly understand what our language really means. I believe that by using this curriculum, my children are wired for reading and life long lovers of reading and language!

    Lindsey Homeschool Teacher and Mom
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