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Delve into English’s treasure trove of words and word parts adopted from Latin and Greek based languages, each with its own spelling traditions and choices, using methods that are friendly to the working memory. Teachers will learn strategies and routines to help students transfer skills to their independent reading and writing so that they become proficient, comfortable readers and writers.  Designed for teachers, specialists, and parents working with children reading at a third grade reading level or higher, the Wired for Reading Advanced course stands alone. You do not need to take the Wired For Reading Introductory or Intermediate Courses to take this course.

Optional: Two credits through Seattle University Professional Development program EPDLA 900 for $50 a credit or 20 Washington State clock hours at $3 dollars per clock hour. Credits earned may apply towards Washington State teacher certification and for advancement on the salary scale.

The Advanced Course is organized and presented in two parts:


  • Demystification of reading research terminology
  • Exploration of the history of the English language and how it affects spelling patterns
  • Discussion of reading-related brain functioning
  • Learn how linguistics and morphology predict spelling in multi-syllabic Latin based words


  • Use adapted American Sign Language to learn the meanings of the most common Latin and Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes
  • Discover the unique “jobs” of prefixes, roots, and suffixes in Latin and Greek based words
  • Learn to ‘Strip the Fix’ to break Latin and Greek based words into meaning chunks
  • Discover strategies to glean the meaning of Latin & Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes
  • Use meaning to spell common but ‘confusable’ Latin suffixes
  • Use meaning and word origin to make spelling choices
  • Learn games and activities to practice, apply, and automate knowledge of prefixes, roots, and suffixes to promote transfer

This is a stand-alone class and can be taken without having taken any prior classes.


May 14, 15 AND May 21, 22, 2021



          • Dates:  May 14, 15 AND May 21, 22, 2021
          • Format:  6 hours of asynchronous learning (required videos sent ahead and others included in the online book to be watched after the class is over).  14 hours of online Zoom instruction.
          • Hours: Friday 3:45pm-6:15pm Pacific Time
            Saturday 8:45am-2:30pm Pacific Time
            Lunch break 12:15pm-1:00pm
            There will also be a 15-minute break in the morning
          • Tuition: $550 (Early Bird – before April  30, 2021)
            *Includes materials
          • Late Fee: $50 will be assessed if tuition received after the deadline
          • Deposit: $150 Reserves place (Non-refundable after deadline.)
          • Alum: $140  (Those that have completed this level course in the past are considered alums.)
          • Registration Deadline: April 30, 2021
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