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  • Amy Lansing
    Amy Lansing BOTHELL


    Currently a private tutor, WFR Teacher trainer, and school reading interventionist, Amy Lansing has been helping students become better readers and spellers for over twenty years. Using the music, stories, and drama of Wired for Reading in conjunction with its explicit and systematic instructional strategies as the foundation for her teaching, she is able to motivate students to develop the skills that are the most difficult for them.  Trained in multiple methods (Handwriting Without Tears, Wilson, and Lindamood-Bell just to name a few!), she is adept at weaving in other strategies based on the needs of each student.

  • Karleen Mars-Tamte
    Karleen Mars-Tamte EDMONDS / LYNNWOOD


    I am passionate about literacy. The Wired for Reading Program provides help for children that benefit from accessing spelling and reading through linguistics.  I love the team approach to learning, and I feel part of the success is building a good relationship with the child, and engaging learning with fun.  As a parent of a dyslexic child I bring compassion and understanding to the process.

  • Katie Jewell
    Katie Jewell BOTHELL


    With more than 20 years in the field of education, from private practice to university level, I come with a range of experiences teaching all ages. I have a Masters in Teaching, am certified in secondary education, a Certified Wired for Reading® specialist (CWRS), and a member of WABIDA. As mother of a dyslexic child, my passion runs deep in helping, teaching, and shaping struggling readers.



    I am passionate about helping struggling students learn to read.  As a mother of a learning disabled and dyslexic student I understand the frustrations of not only the student but also of the parent.  I saw how much Wired for Reading helped my student, so I became a WFR specialist so that I can help other students and families.  This is my third year teaching WFR in individual, group and classroom settings.  I enjoy watching students learn using WFR’s multi sensory program.  I use stories, music and movement to help teach my students to learn concepts.  I currently meet my students in their homes or at the local library.



    In creating the Wired for Reading curriculum, I was able to merge my grounding in research based teaching methods with my intuitive and creative nature to develop a fun and engaging learning experience. Dyslexia runs in my family, as my mother, son and I all struggle with reading and spelling. I have dedicated my life to helping students and their families navigate the intriguing but often frustrating world of learning differences. In addition to helping students address their areas of need, I also strive to help foster their strengths and teach them the self-advocacy skills they will need as lifelong learners.

  • Catherine Thompson
    Catherine Thompson LAKE FOREST PARK / SHORELINE


    As a lifetime bookworm and word enthusiast, my goal is to help students gain essential phonological and decoding skills using the high-energy, multi-sensory strategies of Wired for Reading, as well as share my love of words, books, and stories. Together we will journey through the linguistics and history of English to gain a deeper understanding of how our complex language works and empower your child to find their own passion for reading and writing. I am also an instructor for all levels of the Wired for Reading teacher training courses.

    Available for Remote Tutoring – please email if you have questions

  • Molly Meltsner SEATTLE / BRYANT


    My mission is to help children become better readers, writers, and spellers. Through tailored strategies, a productive learning environment, and frequent feedback, I will work with you to create fun and positive learning experiences for your child.

  • Vicki Nelson


    As a pediatric occupational therapist and “pencil-whisperer” who specializes in the assessment and remediation of student’s handwriting skills, I have a fundamental understanding of the essential connection between mastering handwriting skills and writing production in the classroom. I work with students of all ages on pencil grasp, letter formation, and sentence and paragraph structure while integrating Wired for Reading into writing development


  • Therese MacDonald
    Therese MacDonald SEATTLE / BALLARD


    My students love learning to read using Wired for Reading because they have fun and experience success – two powerful motivators. Their parents love watching their kids go from timid or tearful about reading to feeling confident and competent. I love teaching using the games, skits, music and creativity. As my student readers transition into writers, I work with them to explore writing techniques that build upon their Wired for Reading skills.

  • Elizabeth Sorby
    Elizabeth Sorby SEATTLE / WALLINGFORD


    Originally a School Psychologist and School Counselor, Elizabeth became fascinated with the process of learning how to teach children with literacy struggles and was a reading therapist for 12 years. After four years developing a support and enrichment program at an independent school, she is returning to private practice to continue her work with children and families in a variety of areas, including literacy difficulties and dyslexia.  Along with Wired for Reading, Elizabeth is also trained in many other educational methods and strategies that support all aspects of learning and incorporates the elements that fit each unique child’s needs.

  • Michelle Allen
    Michelle Allen SEATTLE / BALLARD


    I find great joy in teaching the WFR multisensory approach which provides a platform for all students to learn to read and write in a manner that is fun, bursting with creativity and imagination. The reward is seeing children who are initially frustrated, fatigued, and fearful become students who are excited, encouraged and empowered in their ability to express themselves using written language with ease and fluency.
    I have tutored children from my home for almost 10 years using WFR curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears to help children achieve a sense of confidence and success that they will carry with them throughout life.

  • Chantel Hilton
    Chantel Hilton SEATTLE / LAURELHURST


    I often work with twice-exceptional children who are at both ends of the learning curve with both a high IQ AND a learning challenge. I am honored to have a part in mentoring children and their parents along a pathway towards advocating for their learning style and discovering their own brilliance. My teaching style tends to be very creative, animated and enthusiastic. I enjoy customizing the program to match timing and depth to the individual student’s speed of learning and interest.  My goal is to make the Wired for Reading lessons memorable thru humor, activities and encouraging curiosity in learning.

  • Heather McCall


    I’m inspired by the unique journey of each student and the excitement we share while unlocking the secrets of reading, spelling and writing together.  As a Certified Wired for Reading Specialist and Handwriting Without Tears instructor, my mission is to support children in becoming lifelong learners – confident in their ability to navigate the infinite world of knowledge that surrounds them, and proud to communicate their unique ideas and experiences.  For me, teaching the Wired for Reading curriculum is rewarding because it’s effective, engaging, and rich in meaning.  My students love it because it’s fascinating and fun!

  • Erika Nedderman
    Erika Nedderman SEATTLE / BALLARD


    I come to Wired for Reading with a 13 year career in Montessori Education. This background honed my skills of observation, which I use to determine the individual needs of my students. When my first child was diagnosed with dyslexia, I was referred to the Wired For Reading website to look for a tutor. I decided that not only would I find a tutor for my daughter, but that I would take the courses to become a tutor for other children. My firsthand understanding of the challenges that dyslexia brings to a family also enables me to be a resource for parents as well as my students. I tutor from my office in Ballard.

  • Sarah Hepler Johnson
    Sarah Hepler Johnson SEATTLE / WALLINGFORD


    Twice exceptional learners are my special expertise, but my passion is to help all students become more confident readers and writers. I create a nurturing and engaging learning environment by tapping into the child’s strengths and interests, working  closely with the parent, and using the fun, multi-sensory strategies of Wired for Reading.

  • Carol Donahue Donaldson
    Carol Donahue Donaldson SEATTLE / LAURELHURST


    Committed and passionate about creating learning experiences that are fun and meaningful; I am inspired by each of my students and their unique strengths and challenges.  WFR’s multisensory approach using humor, drama and story resonates with my beliefs about effective teaching and learning. I also weave in poetry and music at different points in the learning journey.  I am excited by how the WFR approach can create new neural pathways and improve brain power.  In addition to my WFR certification, I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in education including school counseling, and reading.

  • Joanne Cahn


    Teaching reading is both joyful and rewarding for me. By employing methods such as Wired for Reading with its novel approach using stories, games, plays, and music, I provide customized teaching to help my students with their academic skills as well as with their confidence as learners.  My training in other research based techniques (Slingerland, Orton-Gillingham, and Lindamood Bell) allows me to pull from an extensive tool box as needed and my nearly thirty years in teaching enables me to set the pace for each student suited to help them progress as quickly as they can but as slowly as is required.

  • Heather Schwindt
    Heather Schwindt SEATTLE / LAKE CITY


    As a parent of two twice exceptional children, and a dyslexic myself, I understand how important and frustrating it can be to learn to read and write. My goal as a CWRS and Certified Dyslexia Advocate is to help families create strategies and supports to help students with learning differences feel successful. With my students we play games, listen to songs, meet characters, and hear stories that let students utilize their learning strengths while building their reading and writing skills, allowing parents to see their bright children only succeed but excel with their learning.



    As a career educator, my experiences range from being an outdoor leader, classroom teacher, lacrosse coach, math, literacy and WFR tutor and Ambassador. As a child I struggled with reading and writing. This has translated into a deep compassion for how frustrating it can be for my students. I see WFR as an essential tool for teaching reading and spelling. I am continually amazed by the connections my students make, the growth in proficiency and witnessing their burgeoning curiosity of the English language. My goal as a tutor is to help students gain confidence, enjoy learning and break the reading and spelling code. 

    My goal as a Wired for Reading tutor is simple: to help students close the gap between their reading ability and their intellect. As a former Spanish teacher and lifelong student of language and literature, Wired for Reading is a natural fit for me. I love Wired for its linguistics-based approach and for its emphasis on engaging students through skits, games and stories. I am also trained in Orton-Gillingham.


    After several years of working with children with developmental delays and learning struggles, finding Wired for Reading felt meant to be. I am an enthusiastic and compassionate teacher. One of my highest priorities is to protect my student’s spirit and help to grow their self confidence with this highly effective program. During the 2018-2019 school year I ran a pilot pre-school focused on the Word-Wires curriculum. I love to work with younger kids, being silly and over dramatizing Wired’s fun literacy stories. I am currently taking students on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Magnolia Library.

  • Jennie Bloch-Garcia
    Jennie Bloch-Garcia BERTSCHI SCHOOL


    Jennie Bloch Garcia began her professional career 24 years ago as a third grade teacher. As a classroom teacher, she repeatedly found the students she most enjoyed working with had trouble spelling. This discovery lead her to complete a master’s degree in the Identification and Treatment of Learning Disabilities at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. For the past four years she has found her professional dream home at Bertschi School where she serves as the Director of Learning Services and works with the wonderful faculty there to support and challenge the needs of every student.  She is also a co-author of Wired for Reading’s new curriculum series, Word Wires.

  • Nancy Clement
    Nancy Clement WEST SEATTLE


    To nurture and support young readers and writers in both my classroom and private practice, I embrace the diverse needs of each learner using an innovative, creative teaching style and a variety of research based methods, including Wired for Reading. With more than 30 years of classroom experience, I love the flexibility that is an inherent part of the Wired program because it allows me to integrate my training in different methods and easily differentiate for each student’s needs.

  • Karen Flitz
    Karen Flitz WEST SEATTLE


    As an occupational therapist, handwriting specialist and reading therapist, I use a variety of multi-sensory research-based programs and techniques to address handwriting, reading and spelling challenges. Wired for Reading is the foundation for my approach to reading and spelling remediation. I work from my office in West Seattle.

    Currently not accepting new students.

  • Briana Bowen
    Briana Bowen WEST SEATTLE


    I delight in the individuality of each of my students and find that the words of Benjamin Disraeli capture well the joy of this work: “The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches but to reveal to him his own.” I am well educated in the areas of learning and the design of learning systems, as well as attentional challenges. My sessions are usually held in the student’s home although I see some students at their school and I predominantly use the Wired for Reading and Handwriting Without Tears programs.

  • Kim Copeland SEATTLE / BEACON HILL


    As an educator for over 20 years, the best part of my work is helping students find their strengths and talents and seeing the progress they make toward their learning goals. As a Certified Wired for Reading Specialist, I address the needs of students with reading and spelling challenges using music, drama, movement, games and tactile approaches, thus giving students numerous ways to connect to and remember what they learn. I am also trained in Handwriting Without Tears and I use a variety of other resources to address reading comprehension and writing challenges.



    With a Bachelors and Masters in Early Childhood Education, Mary has over 15 years of teaching experience. She found her love of early literacy during her time as a kindergarten and second grade classroom teacher. As a Reading Recovery Teacher and as a Wired For Reading Specialist, Mary has deepened her knowledge of reading and writing and has honed her teaching skills. Enriching the Wired For Reading curriculum through poetry, songs, and games Mary will work closely with families and create an engaging and meaningful learning environment where each child is supported and empowered on their path to literacy.



    My goal as a Wired for Reading Specialist is to help students overcome frustration and find a pathway to fluency in reading, spelling and writing. The Wired For Reading multi-sensory approach engages individual student strengths to fuel acquisition of essential skills. When low-level obstacles to literacy are managed, reading can become an avenue for lifelong learning and pleasure while writing can become a means to clear communication and self expression. I have been working with the Wired For Reading curriculum since 2012 when my daughter began the program. As a parent of a dyslexic child I have seen both the frustration that can result from ineffectual reading instruction and the confidence and empowerment that results from this invaluable program. I bring my compassion and my confidence for a happy outcome to my students and their families.



    I care deeply about giving children the tools they need to read and write. Each child is a unique puzzle of strengths and needs. With personal attention, and the skills I’ve learned from WFR and Handwriting Without Tears, I help students reach confidently for their potential. We’ll use stories, acting, and drawing to engage the creative self. Direct, well-structured information will feed the organizational self. I bring to my West Seattle, home-based practice six years as a school tutor, three of which I used WFR and HWWT with K-5 students, and three years as a WFR reading coach for four children. I am also a mother and an artist.

  • Amanda Sepe WOODINVILLE


    Amanda received her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Florida State University. After working in a public school setting for 8 years, she joined a pediatric private practice in 2001. In September 2013, Amanda opened a private practice located in Woodinville, Washington with a focus in the areas of literacy, reading, written language, articulation and language-learning disorders. She offers assessment and instruction in speech, language and reading. Amanda is a certified Wired for Reading specialist. For more information and contact information go to:

  • Leah Silver
    Leah Silver BELLEVUE


    As the parent of a dyslexic child and a reading therapist with over 20 years of special education experience, I have seen firsthand the power of Wired for Reading to empower students to build their own reading and spelling skills. Aided by the fun and engaging nature of Wired and integrating explicit handwriting skills as needed, we will work as a team to improve your child’s ability to read and spell.



    With over thirty years experience in education ranging from classroom to private practice, I am an ELL and reading specialist who has worked with students ages four through adult. Having a dyslexic child myself, I am compassionate and eager to help children and families facing reading, spelling and writing challenges. The Wired for Reading program is not only effective, but engaging and fun for student, parent, and tutor alike. My greatest satisfaction is witnessing the growing confidence of a blossoming reader.



    I am honored to be a part of a learning journey of unlocking unlimited potential of every student I work with.  WFR is a very profound, creative and action packed curriculum that WORKS! It’s a unique way of embracing different aspects of the reading process to accommodate individual learning styles and needs of my students.  WFR and Handwriting without Tears programs help my students overcome many challenges that they face.  I witness their growing confidence and skills.  I have years of experience in special education and a graduate degree in foreign languages. I work at Clyde Hill Elementary in Bellevue.

  • Wendy Shibuya RENTON / KENT


    As a reading tutor I’m passionate about helping struggling students unlock their literacy abilities. Students who are challenged with single word recognition and poor spelling, that can lead to a brick wall of decoding and fluency frustration are students who ignite my passion.



    I started teaching 20 years ago with 2nd graders.  Before long, my interest in students who struggled to read and my determination to help them led me to Wired. I have tutored using Wired for over a decade. I love it because it works! I bring to my practice training in other research-based dyslexia programs, as well as language development and assessment- so I can make informed decisions and tailor teaching strategies to the unique child sitting beside me.  I have taught every level K-8. I have also taught English as full-time faculty member at community college, so I understand first-hand the full skill progression that each student needs to succeed. I delight in the gifts of each child, and feel lucky to team with them and their parents to be part of their growth.



    As a certificated teacher, home-school mom, and tutor, cheering students on as they learn is a joy. It is especially rewarding to watch confidence emerge in a struggling reader as their phonological awareness and decoding skills grow. Though every student is different, each can benefit from the Wired approach using stories, music, and drama to make learning to read and spell fun. My enthusiasm and experience as an educator in Washington State and overseas allows me to lead students on a path that is specific to their needs. I love working with students in the greater Tacoma area!

  • Lisa Wangeman
    Lisa Wangeman MAPLE VALLEY


    I am a parent of a dyslexic child who found success using the Wired program.   I understand the struggles and concerns dyslexic families experience. This awareness helps me teach from a place of compassion and patience.

    As a para-educator I taught struggling readers, one on one and in a classroom setting.  I enjoy helping children demystify reading and spelling while watching their confidence grow!

    Wired’s multi-sensory approach allows me to be creative and engaging while explicitly tutoring to student’s specific needs.  I encourage students to curious learners, to honor their innate abilities and to advocate for themselves at school.




    My passion for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia tutoring and intervention began with my son’s diagnosis.  Wired for Reading and hand writing intervention changed our lives. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share this program with others.  This is my passion.  It is fun and rewarding to watch your student successfully learn to read, write and spell.

Wired for Reading® Certification Levels


A Certified Wired for Reading Specialist who is within the first two years of certification.


A Specialist who has been certified for more than 2 years and has received exemplary parent feedback.


A Specialist who has been certified for 3+ years, received exemplary parent feedback, and completed a minimum of 20 hours of pre-approved professional development within the last two years.


A Specialist who has met all the requirements for Level 3, and has also mentored another person through the Certification process.


A Specialist who has met all the requirements for Level 4, plus the Specialist has assisted Wired for Reading class instructors on a regular basis, has been qualified as a Wired for Reading ambassador to help teachers implement Wired for Reading in classrooms, or is a master mentor for those going through the Certification process.


A Specialist who has met all the requirements for Level 5, and is also  a qualified Wired for Reading or Word-Wires training class instructor.

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